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Legal Department


The Comité de gestion’s lawyers serve as legal advisors to the Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de l’île de Montréal. As such, they advise the Comité de gestion and its departments on various issues, including the following:

  • civil liability;
  • loans;
  • contracts;
  • the school tax and municipal taxation;
  • staff relations;
  • access to information;
  • briefs presented to parliamentary committees.



The lawyers represent the Comité de gestion in all legal or quasi-legal proceedings.

They participate in the collection of school taxes through judicial procedures:

  • through warrants for arrest of property or personnal claim;
  • during the sale of property for unpaid school taxes.



The Legal department administers the Risk Management Plan (self-insurance program of the five school boards on the Island of Montreal). All claims submitted by victims of accidents at educational institutions on the Island of Montreal or that may involve the tort liability of school boards are investigated by an insurance adjuster. The Comité de gestion’s lawyers verify that these claims meet the criteria of the program and make recommendations as to their merits. When necessary, they make representations before the courts.

The Legal department offers training sessions in civil liability and accident prevention. They are designed for:

  • school administrators;
  • school managers;
  • teachers, including physical education instructors;
  • student life staff members and recreation technicians.

The Comité de gestion produces documents such as  pdf Civil liability in school and the prevention of accidents (320 KB) and the pdf Safety Guide for certain sports and extracurricular activities (836 KB) .



The Legal department offers legal assistance to school boards on the Island of Montréal requesting:

  • verbal consultations;
  • written opinions;
  • representations in civil law proceedings before judicial or quasi-judicial bodies;
  • training sessions on various topics.

About Us

The Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de l’île de Montréal (CGTSIM) is a public organization governed by the Education Act. It offers technical, administrative, and financial support services to the five school boards on the Island of Montréal.

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