The Comité de gestion works with school service centres and school boards to implement educational catch-up measures promoting equal opportunity for students in underprivileged areas. It’s aim is to ensure equity by providing greater resources for the most vulnerable.

The Comité de gestion also offers services to maximize the funds available for educational services.

Students from underprivileged backgrounds and taxpayers are at the heart of our concerns.

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  • Equity: the Comité de gestion ensures equitable, non-discriminatory redistribution of allocations to the most underprivileged areas thus the underprivileged students.
  • Justice: the Comité de gestion, within its spheres of competence, protects the interests of school service centers and school boards, the interests of students from underprivileged backgrounds and the interests of taxpayers in its taxation operations.
  • Respect: the Comité de gestion, through its transparent and efficient activities, demonstrates the utmost respect for its collaborators and for the population it serves.
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Structure and territory

The Comité de gestion is a public organization governed by the Education Act. In addition to its responsibilities in matters of school taxation and financing, it provides technical, administrative and financial support services to the three school service centers and two school boards on the island of Montreal.

The Comité de gestion is administered by a board of directors composed of representatives appointed by the school service centres and school boards on the Island of Montreal and two members appointed by the Minister of Education.

The Comité de gestion: 

  • collects school taxes;
  • equitably distributes investment income from school tax proceeds used to allocate funds for catch-up educational measures in underprivileged areas;
  • arranges loans and liquidity needs;
  • promotes consensus on various issues;
  • reduces operating costs by offering pooled services;
  • produces useful tools to identify underprivileged areas.

Since 1972, the Comité de gestion has been working with the school service centres and school boards on the Island of Montreal:

For French-speaking residents, the territory includes the island of Montreal, plus a number of neighboring islands such as Île des Sœurs, Île Bizard and Île Dorval. For English-speakers, we must add a territory west of the island that extends to the Ontario border (Harwood sector).

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