Role played in the Risk management plan

The Comité de gestion’s legal department administers the Risk management (self-insurance) plan. All claims submitted by victims of accidents at educational institutions on the Island of Montreal or that may involve their extra-contractual civil liability are investigated by a risk management analyst. This individual works with the Comité de gestion’s lawyers to ensure that submitted claims meet the RMP’s criteria and submits opinions as to their merits. When necessary, the lawyers make representations before the courts.

In addition to financial considerations, the safety of students is paramount. The legal department also offers training sessions in civil liability and accident prevention to the following stakeholders:

  • school administrators
  • school managers
  • teachers, including PE teachers
  • student life and recreation coordinators

The Comité de gestion produces documents such as Civil liability in school and the prevention of accidents  and the Safety Guide for certain sports and extracurricular activities.

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Legal assistance policy

From time to time, the legal department offers legal assistance to school service centres and school boards on the Island of Montreal requesting:

  • verbal consultations
  • written opinions
  • representations in civil law proceedings before judicial or quasi-judicial bodies
  • training sessions on various topics
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