Self-insurance plan

The Risk management plan (RMP) is a self-insurance fund established in 1987 in partnership with the school boards in existence at that time to deal with the sharp increase in the cost of liability insurance. 

This self-insurance plan covers extra-contractual civil liability for the school service centres and school boards on the Island of Montreal and the Comité de gestion, or vicarious liability for physical, mental, and moral harm, subject to certain exclusions.

The Risk management plan policy provides full details about the RMP, as follows:

  • legal basis
  • general framework
  • coverage, exclusions, and deductible
  • obligations of the school service centres, school boards. and the Comité de gestion
  • joining and withdrawing from the plan
  • preventive measures
  • indemnity fund
  • Risk management committee
  • claims submitted to the Comité de gestion
  • miscellaneous and interpretative provisions


The major benefit afforded by the RMP is the savings realized every year since its creation. It also offers protection from sudden fluctuations in the cost of insurance.

By working together, school organizations are also able to implement preventive measures. These measures enable workers in the educational institutions to improve the safety of staff and students. The details of these activities can be found in the annual report of the Risk management plan (in French only).

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The Risk management plan covers service centre and school board personnel and members of their board of directors or commissioners who have expressed a desire to be covered by the plan while carrying out their duties:

  • employees
  • administrators and managers
  • members of committees created by law (institutional councils, students with special needs committees, etc.)
  • members of council of commissioners
  • members of Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de l’île de Montréal
  • volunteers
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Range of services

The Comité de gestion administers the Risk management plan and the indemnity fund. Its primary duties are as follows:

  • management and financing of the fund
  • collection of income and payment of expenses
  • hiring of consultants
  • production of the annual report
  • leadership and coordination of the Risk management committee
  • investigation of all claims
  • analytical and statistical reports of events and claims
  • appraisals
  • legal opinions
  • representation before the courts
  • preventive measures:
    • background documents
    • telephone assistance
    • training and educational activities
    • school inspections
  • financial management of claims
  • budget and financial statements for the Risk management plan

Experts in the fields of law, investigation, management, and finance are at the heart of the Comité de gestion’s RMP team.

The RMP owes its success to the support of the school service centres and school boards and the vigilance of the members of the Risk management committee, who are in direct contact with the school environment. 

Statistics related to events, claims, and the RMP’s performance can be found in the annual report of the Risk management plan (in French only).

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Risk management committee

Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de l’île de Montréal
Maître François Lamothe

Centre de services scolaire de Montréal
Maître Geneviève Laurin

Centre de services scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Île
Maître Valérie Biron

Centre de services scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys
Maître Lucie Roy

Commission scolaire English-Montréal
Maître Magdalena Sokol

Commission scolaire Lester-B.-Pearson
Maître François Hamel

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Risk management plan

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